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important stuff
no one likes reading through this stuff, we know. even we don't, but hey it's all important and will help you enjoy your experience here at shine!

3 1 Dec 17 2013, 07:18 PM
the guest book
this isn't just for guests. if you have a question, comment or concern about SHINE, post it here! This forum is guest friendly.

Subforums: old questions/suggestions

61 237 Aug 19 2016, 04:40 PM
In: Board Thought
any big news, announcements, etc., old and new can be found in here. be sure to check back every so often for anything important.

Subforums: old announcements

78 514 Today at 12:12 pm
this board is for any moderating needs such as name changes, moving threads, etc.

4 2 May 31 2015, 01:42 AM
In: account recovery
come and start a thread in here and start getting to know fellow shine members! don't worry, most of us don't bite.

Subforums: veteran intros

629 5030 Today at 05:42 pm
In: How do ya do?
By: Blink

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submit your site
before you can advertise on our board, be sure to read the rules and post your advertisement in here to get sorted. thanks!

Subforums: submit if & jcink, submit pb & others

14 2 Today at 06:09 pm
In: Battle Of The Rising
By: Guardian

1 6 Jul 20 2016, 02:46 PM
real life
after you've submitted your advertisement, all real life boards will be sorted into the correct sub-board here.

Subforums: city/town, school/college, historical, celebrity, other real life

138 1556 Today at 06:39 pm
In: the circuit
after you've submitted your advertisement, all adaptation boards will be sorted into the correct sub-board here.

Subforums: harry potter, based off tv, based off video games, based off animation, personified, marvel/dc, based off books, other adaptation

242 2735 Today at 06:48 pm
In: Etched in Starlight
after you've submitted your advertisement, all fantasy or sci-fi boards will be sorted into the correct sub-board here.

Subforums: fantasy school sites, supernatural creatures, powers/abilities, dystopian, mixtures, other fantasy/sci-fi

126 1254 31 minutes ago
In: Providence RP [jcink]
By: Orkeister
after you've submitted your advertisement, all resource boards will be sorted into the correct sub-board here.

14 92 Today at 07:10 pm
In: The Makery [JCINK]
By: Miami
after you've submitted your advertisement, all boards which don't fit into any other categories will be sorted into the correct sub-board here.

Subforums: multi-genre/panfandom

21 244 Today at 06:48 pm
In: The World Ends With You: Re...
dead sites
all dead and retired sites will be moved here when the time comes.

3054 16185 Today at 07:41 pm
In: Graves and Roses [jcink]

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