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 The Last Jedi [Jcink], Post Episode VIII RP
aka pumbaa
pumbaa728789 posts gallery prefers

    CATEGORY: Adaptations

    SUB-FORUM: Other Adaptations

    YOUR AD:

    user posted image
    The Resistance enjoyed a great victory with the destruction of the First Order base, but it was not without losses. General Leia Organa Solo grieves for her husband – and for her son, who still remains out of her reach. The map to finding Luke Skywalker has been completed and the young scavenger Rey has been sent to retrieve Luke at long last, but will she be able to convince him to finally return and aid the Resistance?

    With the destruction of Starkiller base and the defeat of Kylo Ren, the First Order has been forced to regroup in the Unknown Regions. Severely injured, Kylo Ren has been summoned to Snoke to finish his training while Hux is faced with the task of rebuilding all that was lost. The First Order lost the battle but they have not lost the war, and already they have begun to plot their next move.

    The New Republic remains in a state of disarray following the tragic destruction of the Hosnian system. They lost their capitol in the First Order’s attack and much of the Senate perished as a result. Up until now, the New Republic has tried their best to remain neutral toward the First Order, but after such a brutal attack, can they afford to continue avoiding the fight?

    Across the Galaxy, the war goes on, but among the population, something is happening. Many new individuals suddenly find themselves empowered in a way they never thought possible.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: This plot WILL be updated to reflect the events of The Last Jedi. Should major canons die or change affiliation in this film, then that change will be put in place on our board. For this reason, canons are not available until after the movie's plot is known, but they can be reserved, and we ask that you be flexible with your OC's, should the plot require that something change in their background somehow.

    Set shortly after the events of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, we are a literate, mature RP, rated 18+ and with a word count of 300. We employ a basic progression system for Force users, including OC's. We also have a system for players to help influence control of their favorite planets all across the galaxy. We are also BRAND new, so you have a chance to become a member of the site in a time where we are still forming things up a bit and become an integral part of our community. We hope you'll join us!

aka alyssa
alyssa ren.841 posts gallery BEGINNER prefers she/her
thank you for advertising with shine, and for following our rules! please remember to check our rules about bumping!

away from january 11-20th! if you need anything in the advertising realm please contact josie or an admin!

aka pumbaa
pumbaa728789 posts gallery prefers
Bumping our ad! We will be updating our plot to include new details from The Last Jedi starting tomorrow, so please come join us once you've seen the move! Join our discord where we've gotten about 20 members in our first week who are having a blast talking about it and discussing new character ideas.

aka pumbaa
pumbaa728789 posts gallery prefers
A bump! In just a couple weeks since the film has been released, we've exploded in membership and activity! Please consider coming and joining our galaxy that now has 30+ members and lots of big plots going. We will be doing our first big sitewide event in February, so there's still plenty of time to come and get established before the event. Our discord is hopping with activity day and night, so come join and get in on all the great SW discussion, plotting, and more!

aka pumbaa
pumbaa728789 posts gallery prefers
Another site bump! The Last Jedi is almost a month old and so are we! With over 1000 posts in less than a month, our site is growing really fast! We've just unveiled the story for our first big event starting in February as well, and there's still plenty of time to come and join in! We use a progression system for people to get Force abilities for their FS characters that keeps things fair, balanced, and fun!

For info on our event, check out the crawl we've created to introduce it here!

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