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APRIL 10TH please welcome bunny to the peacekeeping team!

APRIL 5TH please welcome jen to the peacekeeping team and violet to advertising!

APRIL 4TH please welcome zee to the gamemaker team and spica to the coding team!

FEBRUARY 4TH please welcome yaya to the advert team!

SEPTEMBER 11TH please welcome elena to the peacekeeping team!

AUGUST 27TH please welcome tayter to the coding team!

AUGUST 18TH please welcome evvie to the coding team!

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 BOMBARDA MAXIMA * [jcink Premium], personified tri-school potterverse
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ANOTHER BUMP FOR YA~~~ Quick rundown of our numberoonies:

Total Accepted Characters: 113 with more in the application process
Males: 58
Females: 55
Beaux Staff: 7
Beaux Students: 17
Durm Staff: 6
Durm Students: 16
Hogw Staff: 13
Hogw Students: 22
Ministry: 15
Other: 14
Ghosts: 3

Site-Wide Post Total: 8713
New Topic Total for the Month of December: 290

idk I just love looking at our numbers!!! But if you're more of a visual and interactive believer I think you'd be able to see it for yourself after a few moments in our cbox or wandering around the site for yourself! We're active without being the kind of site you would be lost in, believe me! We take the time to make sure new members are included <3

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aka m .
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aka m .
M .60 posts gallery prefers

We're now officially PREMIUM thanks to our generous member base!! We're rolling out new prize frogs for donors as well as one for an upcoming event in February. Right now there's an Activity Check on so if you've checked us out before and a canon or FC was taken it MIGHT become available by the end of the month! We've just finished up voting for this season's Spotlight and the winners have been added to the slightly shifted pop-up button layout at the top of the page. We've done away with featured want ads annnd I believe that's everything for this week! ^_^

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I didn't come through in February but we just had a small but fun OOC challenge type event featuring POTIONS in which members got to explore AUs of their characters under the influence of everything from Amortentia to Bulge-Eyes Potions!

Coming up this month is the kick off of our exciting new plot to ELECT A NEW MINISTER. Not only that, the major European ministires are COMBINING into one "union" as it were following the jarring political unrest in muggle governments in an effort to further unite and strengthen the ties and efforts of secrecy. It's exciting times on Bomb! This plot will last the next several months with various OOC and IC challenges and events, so now is a GREAT time to jump in! Who knows, you could even be the next Minister of Magic! =P

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aka m .
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Mavis Vermillion was elected Minister for all of wizarding Europe and a magical EU is on its way! We've added voluntary claims for everything fork character bdays to member ratings/limits. We've got several events on the horizon and hope you join us today!!

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