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 advertising & photobucket, new rules + issues
aka lauz
DWIGHT FAIRFIELD.11120 posts gallery ELITE prefers she/her
adverts + photobucket
hello lightshines!

so there's two different things we're going to cover in this announcement, the first being photobucket and the second being some clarified advertising rules. we'll start with photobucket, since its just going to be a reminder.

PLEASE make sure you go over all of the graphics in your templates, including background images, icons, etc, and replace them. they don't have to be with new images, save for the cases of background images. all your images are still available on photobucket, but they're no longer accepting 3rd party hosting. so please rehost them elsewhere. NICKPIC is a great place to do that and is run by people that are for the RP community! they're very easy to use and, from what we've seen, have never had substantial downtime. remember that imgur is still against hosting on forums, so if you're going to use them, do it at your own risk. so just please check your codes and signatures, advertisements, and anything else, as well as affiliate buttons and the like, to make sure that you've updated accordingly. we will be either removing or replacing images in broken affiliates on shine. chances are we'll be removing affiliates if you haven't fixed your buttons—if you have and haven't let us know, we'll replace with new codes, but please let us know when you do—you can PM lauz and she'll update for you!

the second part of this announcement has to do with advertising. first and foremost, its been a generally unstated rule that only CURRENT admins/mods should be submitting and bumping site advertisements here. that would be our fault, we figured it would probably be common sense, but we have since refined the rules and added that. so, as of today, only current admins or mods are allowed to post and bump advertisements. we're mostly going to have to go off the honor system here, but if we do happen to see that an ad has been posted and you're no longer on staff, or its been bumped by someone that doesn't appear on the staff list, we'll archive the advertisement and send you a message. that being said, if you're new staff on a site and the advertisement has been posted with someone that is no longer on staff, please feel free to message us and let us know! obviously we very well might make mistakes when it comes to messaging people and moving ads, if that's the cause, please don't take it as an attack, we're just trying to clean up the advertisements. that being said, we have removed a few sections as well, so please make sure you pay attention to our sub-forums when you submit an ad!


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