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all coding questions belong in our CODING HELP forum, please! as always, keep in mind that we DO NOT ALLOW REQUESTS OF ANY KIND, THIS INCLUDES REQUESTS VIA PM.
shine is a coding-centric resource forum with a focus on helping people like yourself learn how to code! we offer premade templates and skins, as well, we have tons of tutorials and a helpful staff that will answer any questions you have.
the skin and graphics were all created by LAUZ, with some help from HANNAH, explicitly for SHINE and should not be replicated in any way; please do not derive inspiration from this skin. all work and materials found on this site belong to their respective owners and should not be stolen or recreated in any way.
APRIL 10TH please welcome bunny to the peacekeeping team!

APRIL 5TH please welcome jen to the peacekeeping team and violet to advertising!

APRIL 4TH please welcome zee to the gamemaker team and spica to the coding team!

FEBRUARY 4TH please welcome yaya to the advert team!

SEPTEMBER 11TH please welcome elena to the peacekeeping team!

AUGUST 27TH please welcome tayter to the coding team!

AUGUST 18TH please welcome evvie to the coding team!

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cbox rules
when it comes to the cbox we do have a few rules that must be followed. they are fairly simple so if you follow them everything will be fine and dandy!

absolutely no advertising in the cbox is allowed, which means no links to active roleplays at all. if we find that someone has posted a link to an outside website that is for roleplaying you will be a four day suspension in the cbox and a warning as well. we will not tolerate this. if you're working on a code, or a skin, you are allowed to link what you're working on. again, as long as its not a link to an active roleplay.

we do allow members to have links to requests, staff searches, and site searches in their name. this does not give you permission to say something along the lines of "hey everyone click my name to see my request!" no, not going to fly with us. you may not have a link to an advertisement in your name, but others are accepted.

CBOX ETIQUETTE i did not think common sense needed to be reiterated, but for some people it needs to be. let's go over the basics: if it isn't politically correct, do not say it. if it is sensitive subject matter - such as drug use, suicide, rape or anything of that nature, do not say it. this is common sense and common courtesy. you have no idea what people have been through. please be polite in the cbox, thank you.

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